135 creative conundrum

bunnies & banana muffin | 135 year of creative habitsAs a stay-at-home mama for the past few years, I’m interested in studying other female artists who somehow balance their art with children, housework, etc. I ran across Art-making v. Motherhood and other creative conundrums yesterday. I loved this quote from Julie Blackmon:

“When your own kid is telling you he thinks maybe he should go to the dentist, or that he had to eat croutons for breakfast because he couldn’t find anything else,” she writes, “I know I’ve gone too far.”

Of course this delicate balance isn’t just a challenge for moms. As I was reading about the artist Paul Klee this weekend, I discovered that he stayed at home with his son Felix while his wife taught piano lessons. He says:

“When the child, a boy, was born, … I was even more astonished to see that everything did not become duly disorganized, but that on the contrary, a new center was formed. And I experienced from then on, profoundly and continuously, what this center was. We were a real little family.” -from Paul Klee by Philippe Comte

Of course it can be difficult to carve out time for creative habits but without my kids I probably wouldn’t be inspired to do anything creative in the first place. They are a big part of the reason I started this project. Their creativity inspires me every single day. Klee gets it. Having a family doesn’t ruin creative pursuits, family centers you.

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  1. I think maybe so. Without a family, I might still be working the night shift and playing video games while staying a bit high in the daytime.

    After marriage and three kids, I have a degree, earn enough money for my wife to stay home, and ambitiously am working on my next career in which my art sustains my family.

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